Product Sales

D3PC is essentially an invention shop.  Naturally, we've developed a lot of our own products and offer them for sale in the store.  The products we develop were designed and tested with extreme rigor to ensure they function perfectly.

We at D3PC know how hard it is to find great 3D printing and prototyping supplies.  That's why we've decided to start representing the manufactures we use in lab.  All 3D printing materials are supplied by US manufactures to ensure the highest of quality.  Feel free to stop by the shop for advice and to put your hands on parts made from the materials you're looking to purchase.

In-House Inventions

The Denver Scraper - The next evolution in cleaning your dishes

The Jelly Roll - Vibration Reduction System for riding boards

3D Printers

Fusion 3 - Fast and Accurate FDM 3D Printing

Fusion 3 is a small company out of North Carolina.  We use their machines exclusively in our lab for all FDM printing.  Their machines are fast, accurate, precise, and extremely robust.  In addition they offer custom built configuration files that work with all FDM Filament we stock.  Check out their website.

FDM Filament

Atomic Filament - High Precision 3D Print Filament

Atomic is a manufacturer from Indiana and they are our filament of choice when it comes to run of the mill plastics such as ABS and PLA.  What makes Atomic different than other manufactures is the quality of their product.  Check out their website.

Taulman 3D - High Strength Engineered FDM Filament

Taulman 3d is the best in the business when it comes to engineering grade FDM filament.  When function matters, Taulman 3D is the only filament we use.  Check out their website.

Proto-Pasta - Unique FDM Filament

When it comes to unique properties, Proto-pasta makes some of the best possible solutions.  Check out their website.

Other Stuff

Yellow Magic - non-toxic, non-flammable, water-soluble solution for cleaning SLA parts.

Coming Soon

Precision Tools (Pliers, Dikes, Files, etc.)

Consumables (Paints, Tapes, Solvents, etc.)

Powered Equipment (Ultrasonic Cleaners, UV treatment systems, Hand Tools, etc.)

More Inventions! (Molding Tools, Sound Amplifiers, Atomizers, Table Legs, etc.)