About Us

Denver 3D Print Company began when a small business needed a prototype for a new product.  Leveraging our skill sets, we began production using FDM printing and simple mold making.  From that experience, we began growing our capabilities and know how to take on more and more challenging projects with in-house and contract inventions.


The Team

Adam Zimmer - Mechanical Engineer, Artist, Founder D3P

Adam comes from a long line of artists and engineers. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and he has decades of training in many artistic media to include ceramics, paints, glass, and metal work.  Adam is also a former examiner for the USPTO, which has inspired his love of invention and intellectual property.

Adrien Rousson – Mechanical Engineer, CNC Lead

Adrien grew up in New England and moved West due to his love for the outdoors. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont. For two and a half years, he was working on R&D projects for the DoD before joining the team at D3PC. He specializes in mechanical design and CNC machining.

Gayle Owen – Physicist, Molding Lead

Gayle received a degree in Physics-Engineering at Fort Lewis College with a minor in Fine Arts. Her art degree and background is what mainly helps her with understanding engineering and visuallizing in a 3D space while working with Solidworks. Her main role here is mold making and product finishing as she has an eye for detail. 

Jason Thiesen – Engineering Intern, Digital Mesh Lead

Jason currently is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Metro State University. He began 3D modeling and 3D printing to expand his skillset during his down time. Thus, leading to working at Denver 3D Printing Co and contributing as a 3D modeler for the company. 

Nhi Ngo – Digital Artist, Videography Lead

Nhi has had a passion for digital art since 2005 and film since 2007. She went to school at University of Colorado at Boulder, receiving a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Film Studies. After graduating she focused using her skills in graphic design and videography for non-profit organizations such as Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Associations and Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations. Now uses it to help D3PC with visual graphics and developing marketing content.


Strategic Patents – Patent Shop


Strategic Patents offers high quality patents at a much lower cost than traditional IP firms.  Additionally, D3PC works hand in hand with SP in the development of patents.  This couples the invention process with the IP creation process, allowing for more robust Intellectual Property.

Acme Apothecary – Molding Shop

Website underconstruction

Acme provides moldings services allowing for a higher rate of part produciton.  In a nutshell, Denver 3D Print Co makes the molds, and ACME does the pours.

Taulman3D Filament – Nylon Based Plastics for Functional Applications


D3PC offers Taulman3D for sale in the store.  Taulman provides high strength engineered plastics for functional use. Taulman products are manufactured in Missouri.


Proto-Pasta Filament – Unique Plastics for Unique Applications


D3PC offers Proto-Pasta for sale in the store. Proto-Pasta provides exotic composite plastics for unique applications. Proto-Pasta Filament is manufactured in Washington.


Atomic Filament – High Quality Standard Plastics for General Use


D3PC offers Atomic Filament for sale in the store. Atomic Filament offers one of the highest quality plastics for general use. Filament by Atomic is manufactured in Indiana.


3D4 Makers – Exotic Plastics for Exteme Engineering Applicaitons 


D3PC will soon be offering 3D4 Maker Filament. 3D4 Maker Filament stands out due to their production process of not using water for cooling thus leading to no moisture in their filament. 3D4 filament is manufactured in Haarlem, Netherlands.


Fusion3 – FDM 3D Printers


Fusion3 3D printers provides performance that rivals expensive industrial 3D Printers. Engineered to build large parts, quickly, with excellent print quality under heavy use, making it perfect for commercial and educational environments. Fusion3 machines are manufactured in North Carolina