In-House Inventions

D3PC is essentially an invention shop.  Naturally, we've developed a lot of our own products and offer them for sale in the store.  The products we develop were designed and tested with extreme rigor to ensure they function perfectly.

Project Mold

3D printing makes 1 prototype thingamajig. Silicone molds make 1000 production thingamajigs. Project Mold makes silicone molds easy. Project Mold was started to solve the major problems associated with hand making molds and pouring plastic to replicate parts. Our priorities were to invent a system that made it easy to create a mold, easy to pour parts, reduce wasted material, reduce the mess, maintain high part quality, and extended the lifespan of the mold. We nailed it. This system can turn a novice into a professional molder in no time.

Project Home - Coming Soon

Project Bud - Coming Soon

Project Pet - Coming Soon

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