D3PC has two former USPTO patent examiners in house with experience in a wide range of technologies.  We can look at your invention and offer guidance on the Intellectual Property (IP) process and perspective on how an examiner might interpret your invention.  We offer both provisional and non-provisional application services.  Feel free to contact us with inquiries.

Active Invention

D3PC prides itself on inventing products with the best shot at receiving intellectual property rights.  To do so, we actively invent against prior art, such as existing products, in the initial phases of our design process.  By thinking critically about patentability early, we are able to quickly and effectively produce robust patent applications that avoid interference with existing intellectual property holders and thwarts future competitors.  If IP is important to your project, this unique process can help you avoid extremely costly IP related pitfalls and dead ends.

Drawings and Spec Writing

With nearly a decade in IP experience inside and outside of the USPTO, D3PC is able to produce high grade patent application specifications.  Additionally, D3PC's ability to utilize 3D modeling software (Solidworks) allows us to create quality drawings packages that are easy to edit.

Claim Writing

Denver has public access to EAST, the powerful search software used by the USPTO examiner corps.  Our former examiners are able to leverage this resource to efficiently and effectively determine patent-ability and increase the breadth of claim sets (the only thing that matters in a patent).


D3PC can file and prosecute your patent applications with the USPTO (just like a patent attorney).  We also work closely with the local IP community in order to provide appropriate council when an attorney is needed.  This limited use of highly expensive patent attorneys dramatically reduces costs.

Feel free to contact us with inquiries

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