We Offer a plethora of services related to 3D printing and  physical inventions

3D Printing

With over 5 years of 3D printing experience under our belt, D3PC is here to quickly and economically put parts in your hands.  We pride ourselves on customer service and go to great lengths to provide the best solution possible, regardless of the size of the job.  Generally, our prints are ready for next day pickup.  If you’re interested in having one or several objects made, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote.

3D Modeling/Scanning

Whether your invention is perfectly drawn on engineering paper, a sketch on a bar napkin, or something you found around the house, we can turn it into a 3D model using advanced solid modeling, surface modeling, mesh manipulation, and structured Light 3D scanning. 3D modeling is a critical step in product development for many reasons.  To name a few, it allows you to realize a design, modify existing parts, ensure assembly functionality, prepare for mass production, create usable bills of materials, and produce renderings for presentations.  Additionally, 3D modeling is a required input for state of the art manufacturing. Regardless of your modeling needs, please feel free to contact us for a free consultations and quote.


D3PC utilizes a variety of techniques to produce functional prototypes for our customers.  This generally entails creatively utilizing a combination of reverse engineering, measurement devices, 3D modeling, FDM or SLA printing, 3D scanning, off the shelf materials, surface finishing techniques, and assembly practices. In addition to just making ideas into reality, D3PC also utilizes multidisciplinary engineering principles to quantify product effectiveness.  This is often critical because understanding how a new product compares to the competition is required for sound business planning.  We also offer a range of services to improve products such as aesthetic alterations and design for assembly/manufacturing to ensure your product is ready for the market. Please feel free to contact us with any project inquiries you have.

Low Rate Production

As much as we love our 3D printers, 3D printing is not the best solution for low rate production (10-1000 parts).  For this, D3PC utilizes hand-made molding techniques in combination with SLA 3D printing to create pourable molds. Poured parts benefit from being solid, can be produced from an expanded set of materials, provide production quality, and is much cheaper and faster to produce than 3D printed parts.  In addition, designs produced for hand molding are inherently optimized for many mass production techniques such as injection molding. Whether you need a handful of parts to secure funding or a few thousand parts to test a market, D3PC can deliver through the use of both single cavity and multi-cavity molds.  Please feel free to contact us with project inquiries or more information.